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When the Orchards Bloom

My favorite time of the year to be in Quetta is when the orchards bloom. They transform the otherwise naked barren landscape into a little piece of heaven. The promise of fruit – delicious apples, plums, apricots and more… packaged under little bundles of color, springing in short intervals to blanket the earth. It’s enchanting. Almost like it were God’s gift for having survived the harsh winter.

Orchard at Quetta Serena

Orchard at Quetta Serena

If you take a walk through the orchards at Quetta Serena Hotel though, you’ll meet more than just the blossoming trees. Past the strawberry patch, there’s a little family of tortoises who’ve claimed ownership of the lands. They saunter through the grass, nipping at the fruits and greens and lazing around the rocky stream, scowling at any snail that bolts past.

The gardener tells me, years ago, he had rescued one from the middle of a road nearby where the cars whizzed by dangerously. Not finding an owner, he had brought it here. Soon after, the hotel management brought two more to give the survivor company and then it wasn’t long before the babies started arriving. You can often see one attempting to summit a boulder or meandering through the grass but one thing is for sure; they’ve found home beneath the blossoms.

Turtoise family at Quetta Serena

Turtoise family at Quetta Serena


Author: Muznah Umar | Serena Hotels


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