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Char Bagh by Amin Gulgee

The lobby of Islamabad Serena Hotel is stunning to say the least. One does not simply enter. They walk into the grandeur of it all, the mysticism of the Mughal architecture, amidst the rhythm of the sitar and table being played, the glistening marble underneath, the faint sound of trickling water from the fountain nearby, light pouring in from the outside, the enchanting hand painted ceiling decked with intricate patterns – it’s all very regal, an embodiment of culture and heritage, all put together perfectly.

Lobby of Islamabad Serena Hotel

Lobby of Islamabad Serena Hotel

It is hard therefore to imagine any one element standing out but there’s one particular area, a snug corner, which always captures my glance a second too long.

Prior to the launch of Islamabad Serena Hotel in March 2002, Amin Gulgee was asked to especially design an art piece that could add to the significance of our quest for cultural heritage. This intricately crafted copper bronze sculpture, titled ‘Char Bagh’, is perfect and perhaps my favorite.

Char Bagh by Amin Gulgee

Char Bagh by Amin Gulgee


The captivating deconstructed calligraphic quote is the Ayat from Surah Rahman, “then which of the blessings of your Lord will ye deny?” The message is so commanding, and the technique so indulgent and beautiful that it’s hard not to fall in love with it.


Author: Muznah Umar | Serena Hotels


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