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Beat the Blues

Beat the blues with a trip to the North

Beat the blues with a trip to the North

Mondays are never fun. And today is no different. In fact, this particular Monday may be even more appalling considering that not only are we battling the Monday blues, but also – after a week longespite – the holiday blues. We begrudged ourselves out of bed this morning, the alarm clock snatching us away from a comfortable 12 hours (more or less) of peaceful sleep. We angrily swallowed our breakfast, nostalgic over the places we traveled. We groaned when we stepped into work and checked our neglected, overflowing inboxes, desperately wishing for just one more day to relax…

But instead of lamenting the death of this vacation, we should appreciate its life. If every day was a day off, there would be nothing to look forward too and even if going on vacation far away is not in the cards, spending time nearby can be just as relaxing and rewarding.

In the meantime, there are quite a number of ways to make the transition back into normalcy much less taxing. Get enough sleep. It is better to face the day fully awake. Eat well. Staying healthy keeps the mind positive. Plan something to look forward to, even if it’s small.  It is much easier to eagerly anticipate future experiences than to miserably mourn past ones. If all else fails, visit one of our properties over the coming weekend… we promise that will work!



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