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Eid Mubarak!



Bright lights. Bustling streets. The smell of food in the air. Right now, the biggest concerns on most people’s minds is if their tailors will have their new clothes finished by midnight or how much it will rain tomorrow. They are beside themselves trying to make sure that everything will be perfect for such a cherished celebration. Gifted a well-deserved respite from work or school, they have time to share with family and friends — most people that is.

In the midst of the delightful chaos Eid ul-Fitr comes with, sometimes we forget about the people who work behind the scenes. This is especially true for those in the service industry. The waiters who bring us our food. The doormen that greet us at the door. The housekeepers. The porters. The servers. It’s not like Eid isn’t an important holiday for them. Yet every year – twice a year, they sacrifice this important time for the convenience of everyone else. They tend to our needs and our wants without complaint and do their work diligently. In fact, they probably work even harder on such a festive occasion to make Eid more enjoyable for their patrons. Occasionally, these people are able to spend some part of Eid out of work by alternating shifts with their colleagues. But regardless of that, their labor and services are still in high demand and the fact that they work on an important holiday is not to be taken likely.

So tomorrow, when you are out celebrating the end of Ramadan, spare a thought for those who will be working hard to keep the country afloat while everyone else is relaxing and having a good time. Don’t dismiss the doorman with a shrug – thank him for working on a holiday for you. Don’t get irritated with your waiter for not bring your order fast enough – tip her generously and wish her a sincere Eid Mubarak.


One comment on “Eid Mubarak!

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