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Mount Vinson Massif Summit

We are so pleased to update you with exclusive pictures from Mirza Ali and Samina Baig’s Mount Vinson Massif (4892m) summit. Their journey, depicted here through photographs shows the Frozen continent in all it’s glory and captures the spirit of all the hard work and courage that is going into the Adventure Diplomacy Expedition. Please join us in wishing them luck and health on their travels and stay tuned for more updates!

IMG_6135 IMG_6112 IMG_6081 IMG_6049 IMG_6048 IMG_5972 IMG_5922 IMG_5627 IMG_5662 IMG_5683 IMG_5717 IMG_5736 IMG_5614 IMG_5611 IMG_5593 IMG_5587 IMG_5571 IMG_5567 IMG_5546 IMG_5540 IMG_5459 IMG_5438 IMG_5432 IMG_5425 IMG_5412 IMG_5386 IMG_5347 IMG_5344IMG_5175


IMG_5241 IMG_5224IMG_5123 IMG_5106 IMG_5078 IMG_4990 IMG_4973 IMG_4967 (1) IMG_4954 IMG_4905

One comment on “Mount Vinson Massif Summit

    January 30, 2014

    i love my mountaineer superstar friends, samina and mirza 🙂 cheers to mountaineering for GENDER EQUALITY and GIRL EMPOWERMENT!


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