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T’is the Season…! :)

This week’s featured blogger is Anam Sohaib, winner of our Gingerbread House photo contest who shares her experience below:

I have been following the Serena Hotels on Facebook since a while now and it is always a pleasure to read what they are up to. But a particular post from them on one of my mundane work days really caught my attention.

Serena Hotels Photo Contest Announcement

Serena Hotels Photo Contest Announcement

Now I don’t do contests let alone send in a cheesy winning picture of myself to win a meal. At least I thought I didn’t do this but this was Serena after all ๐Ÿ™‚ So all it took was a call to my confused husband and a plan to visit the Islamabad Serena Hotel lobby.

Two days later, having practiced various poses in front of the mirror, Sohaib and I went to Islamabad Serena Hotel to get our picture taken with the Gingerbread House. I was in awe of their decorations. The lobby was beautifully decorated with flowers, holiday presents, and Christmas treesย  – what a wonderful scene ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t think Pakistan could carry such a festive scenario until I came here.


There’s our Gingerbread House in the corner! Yes, I’ve now declared it “ours”

We were a little shy at first because the thought of actually posing in a five star lobby amidst all the guests may have slipped from our minds but the Serena staff soon put us at ease and we spent some good 25 minutes just enjoying ‘our little house and our fancy neighbors’ across the marbled floor. I emailed our best picture to the management that night and having now enjoyed the Christmas spectacle, really wished we won that prize.

When the winners were announced a few days later I think I pressed the refresh button five times because I couldn’t believe seeing our picture there. But it was soon confirmed by an official email moments later. I was ecstatic! We really had won!

serena hotels winner

On Christmas eve we entered the hotel and noticed the ambiance had brightened up! Carols were being sung at the main lobby by a bunch of boys and girls, Santa was roaming around ringing the Christmas bell, distributing presents and wishing everyone in his cheerful booming voice. Zamana restaurant was beautifully decorated and packed! We collected our winning certificate from the reception desk and proceeded towards our dinner tables.

178749_10152364704370483_1149762075_oThe ambiance, music and especially the FOOD at Zamana was absolutely spectacular. This was one of the most memorable days and most definitely a very rewarding one. Here’s a picture that enabled us to go through this memorable journey together as a couple ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband and I are extremely thankful to Serena Hotels for providing us such a chance and hope to win many more competitions in future!!

Thank you Serena Hotels

Thank you Serena Hotels


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