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Baltit Fort, Hunza – a must see!

The UNESCO award winning Baltit Fort impeccably restored by the Aga Khan Cultural Services-Pakistan

The moment you land in the Hunza valley and in particular the town of Karimabad one of the first things you notice is the towering ancient Baltit Fort that is dramatically located at the top of a large rocky amphitheatre.

So imposing and intriguing is this ancient fort that from the moment I arrived in Karimabad I could hardly wait to explore it.
I decided to walk from my hotel Hunza Baltit Inn – a gentle 15 minute walk through the cobbled streets of Karimabad and one of the oldest known settlements in Hunza – Baltit Village. In fact I don’t recommend anyone drives to Baltit Fort. Walking will give you a closer insight into the warmth of the local people, the incredible architecture and will also help reduce pollution of the villages. It is such an incredible short walk – as you climb higher and higher towards the fort you experience magnificent views right the way down the Hunza Valley and over to Nagar and Rakaposhi. Make sure your camera is fully charged as the photo ops are endless.

I was taken around the fort by an amazing local guide called Ejaz whose family’s blood line goes back to time when Alexander the Great and his men visited the area. His extensive knowledge of this 700 year old Fort and of the region was extraordinary. I could have sat and listened to him all day long but alas there were other tourists who were waiting for his superb tour of the fort. I won’t write about the history of the Fort in this post or the incredible story of how it has been restored by the Aga Khan Cultural Services-Pakistan as these are worthy of their very own posts however what I will say is that this UNESCO award winning Fort is truly amazing not just as an historical building but for the benefits it has brought to the community of Karimabad and Baltit since its restoration.

On your trip to Hunza, Baltit Fort is a MUST visit! It is open from 9.30am to 5.30pm, 7 days a week. Tickets must be purchased from the ticket office on the left hand side just 30 meters before you reach the fort.

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