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Dissolve in nature and traditions

Outdoor garden

Lush green garden of Altit Fort (Managed by Serena Hotels)

It is a beautiful Friday morning! I am sitting in the Kha Basi cafe at Altit Fort and recalling the past week I have spent in Hunza. I have often enjoyed taking a walk around the town of Karimabad, talking to the locals and trying to learn the secret of their endurance. The locals of Hunza like to celebrate various events like cultural dances, Navroz, Ginani, Sheeribadat, and local food celebrations – these festivals have existed for more than seven thousand years in the mountain-packed-valley in northern Pakistan. My soul and I are deeply dissolved in nature as I continue the first week of my holiday in Hunza.

I had heard about Chattak by the locals. Chattak is a beautiful verandah-like large area where the locals gather to celebrate any cultural event or performance. I went to Chattak and witnessed how beautifully AKCSP had restored the place. That day, the locals had gathered to celebrate a dance festival. There is a special traditional band which is different in its characteristics from any band around the world which adds to its charm and makes this simple dance full of excitement and fun. The male locals were wearing their traditional clothes; Chuga (gown) and cap with a quill on it. On the other hand, and the females were dressed modestly wearing embroidered caps and on top, covering their heads again with a dupatta (veil). Traditional Hunza dance is the most popular performance among all age groups all over the Hunza valley. In the traditional dance form, locals express their feelings unlike a superficial and planned event! I enjoyed the performance a lot and captured the beautiful memorable moments whilst exploring the breathtaking beauty of Hunza.

Hunza Cultural Dance

Local dance performance

Hunza Cultural Dance

Local group dance performance

Hunza Cultural Performance

Natives enjoying the local dance performance

In the evening I will return to Hunza Baltit Inn (a resort managed by the Serena Hotels) and again, relished the local Hunza food with traditional specialties amidst the live local folk music creating a mesmerizing atmosphere never to be forgotten!


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