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A walk across Pakistan’s fastest moving glacier

Last week I walked across Pakistan’s fastest moving glacier – Hopper Glacier in the Naga Valley, Hunza. I have heard so many different figures as to how fast it actually moves per day from 1 inch to 5 inches. I don’t seem to be able to verify it however what I can verify is that it was definitely the noisiest glacier I have ever walked across. It creaked and cracked like an old man. Don’t let this freak you out as it is an easy glacier to walk across however you must take a local guide from the village of Hopper as they know their way across blind folded. It’s a wonderful day trip to do from Hunza. The drive takes about 1 ½ hours, depending on how many photo stops you have as the valley is extremely picturesque. On the way up look out for one of the oldest walnut trees in the region – if only I could have it in my own garden. It would be the perfect tree to sit under and contemplate life – I am sure if it could talk it would have a few stories to tell. Once you reach Hopper you commence walking from the Hopper Hilton Guest House – it’s quite a steep climb down to the glacier so make sure you have good walking shoes. Having said that I did see about 40 school girls running down at a rapid rate in their flimsy slippers and bare feet – I suspect they were from the mountainous regions.

Once you are on the glacier it’s a gentle walk across to the other side – it takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours to cross from the Hopper Hilton. On the other side there are many wonderful view points and picnic locations on green grassy meadows.

We were treated to a delicious picnic instyle, complete with picnic basket and picnic rug, from Hunza Baltit Inn. When we returned we all felt an enormous sense of achievement as well as having had a great day out.



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