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The perfect day hike in Gilgit

I had a spare day to fill in whilst staying at Gilgit Serena Hotel and asked the Recreation Manager what I should do – he suggested I trek up the Jutial Nalla behind the hotel.

It was the perfect hike….you can walk anywhere from 2 hours to 7 hours. Being an avid trekker I chose the 7 hour trek – it was 3 ½ hours up hill and 3 ½ hours down.

I crossed the icy cold Nalla on a small foot bridge about an hour into the hike and was immediately treated to handfuls of wild raspberries from a local farmer.

Another hour in and my wonderful guide Ali (the gardener at Gilgit Serena Hotel) had shown me over 10 different plants and wild flowers which all have medicinal properties and are popular amongst mountain communities.

The last one hour up hill was quite steep as we walked through pine forests to reach the green grassy meadows at an altitude of 3,170m. We were greeted by shepherds, goats and donkeys and offered fresh lassi.

After a delicious picnic by a natural spring and some R&R we headed back down.

All in all an excellent day out in the glorious mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Top Tips:

  1. Ask to have the guide Ali – he is a true mountain man and has extensive knowledge on the Jutial Nalla area including its flora and fauna.
  2. If doing the walk in the summer months it can be very hot so take plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat. (You can refill your water bottle from the Nalla and natural spring along the way)
  3. If you want to do the full 7 hour trek definitely start by no later than 9am.

    Wild lavender growing along the Jutial Nalla

    Trekking up the Jutial Nalla, Gilgit

    Wild raspberries – a great source of energy.

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