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Serena Hotel’s Gilgit-Baltistan Collection

4 magical properties of the Serena Gilgit-Baltistan Collection

Owing to the recent natural and man-made calamities to have hit the region, the North of Pakistan has for the moment been characterized as a rather unpleasant zone! Mountains, glaciers, lakes – all signs of nature’s abundance bestowed to man have transformed into symbols of unforeseen disasters. Mass scale political instability and economic problems prevalent in the country coupled with social unrest in the society have led to the belief that the previously compared-to-heaven-on-earth-region, is no longer a source of peace, tranquility, and purity when one wishes to escape from city life and indulge in this immensely beautiful mountainous area; an irrational belief which needs to be revoked in the minds of local tourists and foreigners alike.

One of Pakistan’s leading hotels chain, Serena Hotels, is an organization that understands the potential for tourism in the Northern Areas. We have recently launched a Gilgit-Baltistan Collection after years of work in developing a selection of boutique hotels in the region. Owned and managed by Tourism Promotion Services, the mandate of Serena Hotels is to realize tourism potential by protecting and promoting local culture and heritage in an environmentally sensitive manner. Our philosophy aims at “creating better places for people to live in, and better places for people to visit”.

Serena Hotel’s Gilgit-Baltistan Collection is a handpicked selection of small up-market boutique hotels and guest houses that provide incredible experiences in landscapes all over Gilgit-Baltistan in Northern Pakistan, an area known for being a safe haven for tourists and a popular destination for trekkers and mountaineers from around the world.

We welcome you to be a part of our journey and share your stories, so that together, hand in hand, we can utilize the potential of this country and expose this mesmerizing Northern Pakistan as an open secret to the world!

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